Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Last Tuesday's Miracles...

I get comments from people that say we are "amazing" and "strong"...most the time I don't know how to respond. I feel that I cannot take credit for my strength-- it comes directly from a source greater than me.  No lie, there are days I feel like I don't have strength or energy left to give to this crazy life I lead, but then Heavenly Father sends me another miracle/tender mercy that gives me the boost I need to continue putting one foot in front of the other.

Here is one example of those "miracles" aka tender mercies:
Last week Bridger had three different appointments scheduled up north with his specialty doctors.  There was no way Cade was able to come with, nor could my mom.  So, it was just going to be me and the little guy.  Let me try to even put into words how much time and effort is involved in planning and carrying out these trips north. (which are usually around twice a month)  It can be life altering to make these trips work ....literally!

Just the phone calling to coordinate multiple appointments on the same day about does me in.  Then there is all the arrangements for where my other two kids will go, where Bridger and I will stay the night, all the packing involved with all his endless medical supplies, formula, g-tube equipment, emergency kits, etc...  On average, it takes around 1-2 hours for me to get everything loaded and packed for the both of us so we can roll out.  And I cannot forget to mention making sure I've got all  my teacher duties and pillow peep jobs all completed before I need to leave.

I try and coordinate our travel time with nap time, so he can sleep and I can drive without worrying about him throwing up, needing entertainment, etc...  Sometimes, it cannot be helped and we do have to make lots of stops due to crazy vomiting and crying.  These are the trips that can be the toughest- when he struggles in his car seat during travel time.

So---prior to this last trip and as with all my trips north, I prayed multiple times, pleading prayers for heavenly angels to be with us as well as earthly angels to be aware of struggles we may encounter and help we might need.  And let me tell you, the flood gates of heaven were opened.  So many kind people saw our needs, even before I did at times, and through their words and actions, it confirmed to me over and over again of how Heavenly Father can use the holy ghost to inspire others to be available to help us in our times of need.

At one point, I was approached by the sweetest woman while Bridger and I were in Zupas eating lunch.   This woman had tears in her eyes, embraced Bridger and I and shared some very kind words.  At one moment, I felt as if my dad were talking to me, through her.  She spoke words to me that I have heard my dad say before....

I kept myself composed until I got to the car and loaded Bridger.  As I got in the driver seat, the tears came pouring from my eyes and I openly weeped.  I couldn't help but offer up a prayer of gratitude for all those sweet angels here on earth that had touched my heart during this trip.

On this trip, we met with his ophthalmologist who said she does think the cataract on the left eye will need surgery within the next year and that we should probably look at surgery to insert a plastic lens in his right eye very soon.  His GI appointment led us to scheduling more testing from a sleep study to an upper GI.  And then lastly, he had his GJ button switched out.

We do make the most of these trips and I love spending one on one time together:

And we always have our dinner date at the OG!  (and only Bridger can get away with putting his feet on the dinner table in the restaurant!)
Bridger has major aversions to all foods---except the Chicken Gnocchi Soup at Olive Garden!  Which, by the way, happens to be my dads most favorite soup, too.  I  can only imagine my dad whispering to Bridger to try he does.  And he keeps his mouth open showing me his love for it!  It is one of my most favorite things to watch!

So, if you ask me, do miracles happen everyday?  My answer: YES!  I am a living testimony of this to be true.

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