Sunday, May 1, 2016

Angels On Earth

We've witnessed so many amazing angels on earth working on Bridger's behalf.  Our most recent experience started when I heard about the Great Bike Giveaway.   I immediately set to work to enter Bridger into this contest.  The Great Bike Giveaway raises funds to award adaptive bikes to kids with special needs so they can experience the joy of bike riding.  

There were 600 kids in this nationwide contest.  The goal was to get the MOST votes in your bike category by the end of March.  If you succeed, you win a bike.  In conjunction with the voting, they also asked for donations. With the donations they were able to give away 162 other bikes through a raffle.  

I set right to work contacting news stations, writing articles, meeting with those in the medical field, and even had a whole posse of "ambassadors" who willingly helped spread the word.  

We even had this clip created by the talented Michael Parsons to help spread the word:
We used social media and shared pictures like this:

And the local paper shocked the socks off of me with this article:

In the end, after all the promoting and voting was complete, we didnt' end up victorious.  There were 188 of the 600 kids that did receive a bike and each was very deserving.  We still felt it was an honor and so grateful we gave it our best shot. 

Well--- little did we know, Kincade and Cara Utley took it upon themselves to start a fundraiser to get Bridger an adaptive bike with a goal of $2000--- and you exceeded that:
Within about a 24 hour period, the funds had been raised thanks to many generous angels on earth.   We were literally left speechless and in tears at the generous hearts of so many friends, family, and complete strangers.

This week we will be heading north to meet with a physical therapist who will measure and recommend the best set up on a bike for Bridger.   This would not be happening if it weren't for everyone's generosity.  We pray continually for you all to be blessed for your goodness.  Your kindness does not go unnoticed.  To you, we will forever be grateful!

The Richfield Reaper was gracious enough to publish our letter to the editor.  We truly want you to all know how you've made a difference in our little Bridger's life!


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