Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bridger Killin' It in OT!

OT is mixed with play.  But then--- sometimes it can be a real PAR-T!  I cannot even believe how far this little guy has come...  To some outsiders, you may not even notice any progress, but to us, the progress is HUGE for the little guy.

Brian is Bridger's Occupational Therapist and has been for nearly two years now.  He has shown us ways to keep Bridger challenged, which, in turn has allowed him to learn and grow.  Doctors always told us we'd see regression with Bridger - based on his MRI results which reveal he has a leukodystrophy. (which remains undiagnosed still...)  

At this point- we are celebrating this boy!  He has come so far!  The sky is the limit Bridger-boy!

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