Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Eye Surgery

Believe it or not, this is video I captured of Bridger just a few short hours after having a two hour surgical procedure on his right eye.   That's how tough this kid is!
Taking a child in for surgery is never an easy thing.  I get butterflies in my stomach on surgery day.   I believe Bridger is always surrounded by an army of the most loving angels, spearheaded by my dad.  That is what gives me the strength and faith to hand him off to those doctors and nurses. 

The surgery was a success, but did take an hour longer than they expected.  When he came out of the sedation, he wasn't happy.  He was very irritated and quite upset.  Once I wrapped him in his tricot and rocked him, he instantly started to calm.  
We were able to come home later that same day....and wouldn't you know it?  As we drove into the Sevier valley, we enjoyed this beautiful welcome home sight!
Ahhoy, Matey!  He reminded me of a pirate with that patch going on. ;)
 He was so good with not messing with the patch, which totally surprised me! 
And.....that's another successful surgery for the books!

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