Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Medical Bill Miracle

Let's face it, eating is expensive!  I joke with my kids by saying if we didn't have to eat, we could afford to go to Disneyland several times a year!  

Now, when you have a child who does not eat by mouth, that just changes the whole ballgame.  You think groceries are expensive?  I now present to you the monthly feeding bill for my son, Bridger, the tubie:
Each month- his feeding supplies cost: $8,764.64!!!

Now, this bill you are looking at, you see, for two months, they adjusted the bill so we then owed $5,768.84.  Also, note, this bill was from LAST January and February 2015.  And one last sidenote:  This bill just arrived a week that means this bill was from a year and a half ago and I'm just barely receiving it.

To make a very very very long story short- there was complete cray-to-the-z confusion on so many parts of this. We have pretty great insurance, thank goodness, but the company said our insurance had denied this claim, these supplies were not a covered benefit, yada...yada...yada...and that basically we were left to make payment or take on the insurance company to get it straightened out.  What do you do when this insurance company we were with a year and a half ago is now bankrupt and non-existant?  

After hours on the phone...and being told, "SORRY....nothing we can the bill..."  I had almost given up.  I made one more phone call and got a true saint.  She was going straight to the top to get this all straightened out and would call me back.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon---I get a phone call.  The mam on the other end of the line was calling from Bioscripts Infusion and informed me she had great news.  THEY WOULD WRITE OFF THE COMPLETE BILL!  People, do you understand what that means?  It meant we were no longer going to be nearly $6,000 indebted to this company for two months worth of feeding supplies that should have been 80% covered by insurance.  I just wanted to reach through the phone and kiss this ladies face off!  When we hung up, I couldn't help but offer up a prayer....knowing Heavenly Father had orchestrated this one somehow.  

This miracle I attribute to paying tithing.  Tithing opens the windows of heaven.  I have seen it in my life in countless ways.  Some say, "We cannot afford to pay tithing."   I say, "I CANNOT afford to NOT pay tithing....."

SO--count your countless blessings, recognize miracles happen, and pay your tithing.

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