Saturday, July 9, 2016

Equipt with More Equipment....

It's been a big month for Bridger!  We've now equipt him with THREE things!

And- judging that face....I'd say he doesn't like those glasses one bit.
 Bridger has been fitted for special glasses to help with his vision.  
To say he keeps them on fabulously would definitely be an understatement.  It's a HUGE job keeping them on him.  I thought keeping his processor in his head was rough---but this takes the cake!
When Bridger got his glasses- brother and sister wanted to show some love and sympathize with little brother.  These three amigos are just too legit!
He's also been rockin' some new AFO's!  These are what he wears while we put him in his stander.  His ankles kept buckling, so this is to keep him standing with proper alignment.
Last but not least----Bridger needs oxygen at  night.  Don't even ask how that's been going.  YIKES!  Keeping it on him at night is next to impossible.  
So- there you have it!  Three new major pieces of equipment this past month that we've gotten to help improve little B-man's quality of life!  

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