Monday, April 4, 2016

Do You Believe in Miracles?

I did not witness the parting of the Red Sea, I have not seen 5,000 fed from a few loaves and fishes; but I have witnessed daily miracles in my life..
My testimony of this- the reality of miracles of God- has been strengthened during the course of my life here on earth, but even more so these past couple years.  Also, my awareness of those miracles has caused me to focus on scriptures that remind us: God does many marvelous works.  He performs mighty miracles; but he also performs simple miracles. These are the quiet, gentle acts of a loving, gracious Father, and can sometimes go unnoticed.

Just this past week alone, we have been blessed with multiple miracles. Couple that with several different experiences that have prompted me again and again that I need to document them.   As President Monsen has frankly put it; "Never postpone a prompting."

One of those prompting experiences occurred this past Friday night.  Cade and I had gone out on a 'date' night to the movie, "Miracles from Heaven," based on a true story.  During those two hours, I felt a part of my life unfolding on the screen.  As I watched Christy Beam (played by Jennifer Garner) go through the struggle of having a child with a rare disease, it was as if I was watching part of our daily battles play out on the big screen.  In the end, the underlying message of this movie is that of hope; that of miracles.  Miracles surround us daily.  All we need to do is LOOK UP!  In our time of trial, in our time of challenge, LOOK UP!  

This blog will be a constant reminder to me, my family, and anyone else that may happen to read it, to never forget to LOOK UP!

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  1. Awesome.., I can't wait for the next entry...So cool... You need to write a book!!


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