Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas Miracle

One of the highlights of this past Christmas was with our angel Bridger.  We had all my family over for a Christmas party.  As the night was winding down, we all gathered around Bridger as he was showing off some of his latest skills.

Bridger is now four and a half years old.  This boy has put in hours and hours at therapy.  Doctors didn't think he'd live to see his second birthday, let alone sit by himself.  I'm here today to tell you he has proved doctors wrong on so many levels.

We all gathered around Bridger and started chanting his name.  He was so happy and was loving it!
In the midst of these cheers for Bridger, I instantly thought of one of my favorite quotes from Elder Holland:

"Keep trusting. Keep believing.  Keep growing.  Heaven will be cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever."

Now, I wish I could have eyes to see those angels there in the room cheering on Bridger, with us.  I can definitely imagine one of them, being my dad, with that signature grin and loving voice.

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